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I'm Andy Fusniak

Software Engineer

Hello, I'm Andy Fusniak. Software Engineer specialising in software architecture backend development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle. Polyglot in numerous programming languages including Go and TypeScript.

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Professional Skills

Go Programming / Docker / Docker Swarm / K8s 95%
API Architecture OpenAPI Specs, REST, gRPC 85%
TypeScript / JavaScript ES6, ES7 85%
Node.js Express 80%
Google Cloud PlatformCloud Run, FireStore, Cloud Functions, K8s 80%
AWS EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront 85%
Vue.js Vue.js, Vuetify 60%
TDD Mocha, Chai Assert, SuperTest, Bunyan, Git 70%

Work Experience

2004 - 2020


Full Stack software engineer and software architect

Over the last decade and more. RESTful APIs written in Go on GCP. Cotact me for details.

2001 - 2003 (Bristol, England)


Senior Web Developer

I developed multiple PHP/MySQL and Java/JSP web projects ranging from a small tech start-ups to an award-winning e-commerce site, ScrewFix. My personal contributions include a bespoke bulk-email system for delivery of transactional and marketing content.

2000 - 2001 (Bristol, England)


Web Developer

My role included writing server-side content delivery, advertising solutions and news streaming software for B2B communities, using the Perl programming language with heavy use of Regular Expressions.

1998 to 2000 (Bristol, England)


Senior Software & Test Engineer

Logica provide telecommunication software, mobile radio networking planning and pre-pay mobile systems over Public Switched Telephone Networks. I worked as a TCP/IP network programmer, including debugging, unit testing and authoring product tools in the C and Python programming languages. I received exhaustive SS7 training, learning the protocols behind voice and packed-based mobile network communication and security.

1996 - 1998 (Bristol, England)


Software Engineer

PTC (formally Division Group Plc) pioneered the design of VR modelling software for the aerospace, engineering and CAD industries. I wrote cross-platform code in the C programming language on SGI, HP and Sun OS UNIX platforms. I helped developed and maintain the automated nightly builds and unit tests for the core product. Responsibilities included maintaining code repositories using CVS, design experimental device drivers for a haptic device (Phantom to simulate the texture, shape and feel.

The flagship product, dVISE was an event-driven interactive 3D VR prototyping tool with user navigation using a headset and glove. I regularly flew to Europe to represent the company for a European project Collaborative Virtual Environments (COVEN). We used TCP/IP & ATM networks to develop and server-client multi-user VR framework for collaborative distributed VR.

1992 - 1993 (Oakington, Cambridge, England.)


Junior Software Engineer

During my gap year before University my first job was a deep dive into the FORTRAN and C programming languages using linkers, toolchain including gdb debuggers. Highly tallented people at FEGS Ltd instilled into my mind the a foundation of teamwork, software testing and quality control in an industry that upholds safety and reliability as its core values.


1993 - 1996 (Leeds, England)

Computer Science BSc Honours

University of Leeds

Renowned globally for quality teaching and research and highly aclaimed. I specialised in software engineering, compilers, algorithms, databases, computer graphics. During my summer holidays I worked for Philips Telecommunications in Cambridge working with microelectronics.

1990 - 1992 (Cambridge, England)


Hills Road Sixth Form College

Ranked among the top 3 sixth form colleges. Achieved 3 A-Levels in Computing, Physics and Mathematics.

Sep. 1985 - Jul. 1990 (Cambridge, England)


Coleridge Community College

10 GCSEs included Computer Studies (A), Mathematics, English Lit and Lang. During school holidays I worked for Toby Churchill Ltd building the Lightwriter assistive tech for speech impaired individuals.


March 2015 (6 weeks)

Cryptography I (With Distinction)

Stanford University Online

Taught by Prof. Dan Boneh of Stanford University, during this course I mastered the inner workings of cryptographic systems; block ciphers, message integrity, authenticated encryption and public key cryptography and PKI. Assignments including code breaking and cryptanalysis.

Self-study: Security Engineering. Cryptography with Prof. Christof Paar: AES, Elliptic Curves.

2011 - 2014 (Bangkok, Thailand)

Thai Language

Pro-Language Thai Language School

Course includes reading, writing, verbal communication and listening comprehension. I can speak, read and write Thai to proficient level.

Having a second language has vastly improved my programming skills when using utf8, unicode, I18n as well as Timezone and Locale handling code.

2004 - 2009 (Bristol, England)

US Stock Options Trading

Sheridan Options Mentoring

Mentorship with a veteran CBOE pit trader. I fully understand how to trade Stock Options derivatives and financial analysis. Although I no longer actively trade, this skill has come in very useful when working in and around FinTech industry.

My Interests

I enjoy fitness, gym and healthy food and clean living.

  • Weight Training
  • Bicycling
  • Watch Movies

Contact Me

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My preferred method of contact is email. Please use the email address on this page.

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